Winley Industries (Far East) Ltd


We have long established ourselves in the ceramic tableware and kitchenware industry. Our experience and dedication has enabled us to become absolute specialist in ceramics manufacture. We can provide our customers with products that will suit their target market and trends perfectly to maximise sales potential.  


With this expertise in mind, our customers come back time and time again to develop tailor-made products because they believe we are capable in delivering the right product for them. We work closely with retailers and importers who want to develop brand recognition through exclusive products which differentiate them from their competitors.


Our design originality, production technology and superior quality are constantly improving to offer our customers increased flexibility and range. Our in-house design team ensure that we are never lack creativity, appeal, and functionality in our product offerings. 


From our experience in developing tailor-made products, we also offer a dynamic range of ready to sell products carefully developed to cater for the current market needs and trends under our own ‘TRISA ®’, ‘BELLARTE ®’ and ‘WILLIAM JAMES ®’ brand names.


Our expertise is on display in our impressive showroom in Hong Kong. We welcome you to contact us in order to explore future business opportunities. Through the thousands of different ranges on display in our showroom, we are confident you will find something that suits your market or as a base to develop your own exclusive line.



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